About us

Seeking answers, providing help

Highland Paranormal was founded in 2010 in Inverness, Scotland by Anna MacDonald and Liam Shand.

With a fascination for the paranormal and influenced by the scientific and sceptical approach of the popular Ghost Hunters television programme, the team began investigating locally reported haunted sites for evidence of the paranormal.  

In 2012 the team were invited to join the TAPS International Family, a network of worldwide paranormal groups who give their services for free to help and find answers for those troubled by the paranormal.

At this time the group also invited at Medium to join the team as we took on an increase in private cases.

To date the team have carried out almost 150 investigations, helping people find answers in their homes, workplaces and beyond. 

We have investigated reports of poltergeists, negative energies, fully body apparitions and much more besides, and have been lucky enough to be invited to investigate some wonderful locations such as The Aberdeen Tolbooth, Brodie Castle, Culloden House, Durn House, Touchwood House and Tulloch Castle to name but a few.

We also work with local charities, community organisations and businesses to hold public ghost hunting events for their benefit.

The team also holds regular online and in person paranormal meets in Inverness along with talks and ghost walks.

All the services provided by our dedicated team are free and the outcome of any investigation is reported at your discretion.

If you would like to use any of our services, please feel free to contact us.







Investigating the paranormal

The team use a varity of devices to detect and record the paranormal.

From modern devices such as EMF meters, spirit boxes, Rem pods and a thermal imaging camera, to old school instruments such as dowsing rods and pendulums.

Our approach is always to look for logical explanations for activity and only after these have been exhausted, can we claim that it may indeed be paranormal in nature.


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