Meet the team

Liam Shand : Team Leader

Co-founder of the group, Liam has been investigating the paranormal for over 12 years. A sceptical believer, he will always attempt to debunk any phenomena before claiming it to be paranormal. He also has a keen interest in folklore and local history.

Lyn Reid : Lead Investigator/Researcher

Lyn is the team's researcher working remotely on cases and collating information for both the team and clients. She is also an experienced investigator and although a believer, she always looks for a logical explanation to any paranormal activity. She also has a keen interest in Ufology.

Deborah MacPherson: Lead Investigator

Debs is an experienced paranormal investigator who rejoined the team in 2022. She had previously investigated regularly with group and also carried out the researcher's role.

Lindsay Dunn : Lead Investigator

Lindsay is a spiritual sensitive and an experienced investigator. She also has experience in event management and social media. She also attends spiritualist church and sits in a development circle.

Lindsay Rock : Investigator

Lindsay is an experienced events manager who joined the team in 2021 and has become a key member of the investigation team.

Zahra Skelton : Investigator

Zahra has been interested in the paranormal since a young age and has had many spiritual encounters. She spends a lot of her spare time investigating local locations and documenting her findings.

Colin Reid : Investigator

Colin in the newest investigator in the team but has actually been helping us out at events since 2017.

Alex Janaway : Paranormal Researcher

Alex joined the team in 2022 having recently completed a parapsychology course with Edinburgh University. He also has a keen interest in Ufology.

Along with investigating, Alex will be overseeing our web activities going forward including a blog and podcast.

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